About Us


To be the leading petroleum services provider in the Kingdom.


Work to gain customer loyalty to our brand from several axes.


Efficiency, safety, transparency as well as commitment and excellence.

Brief Summary

Al-Jeri fuel Oil Station Company - J:Oil

J:Oil is one of the leading brands in the field of management and operation of service centers and petrol stations, and it is one of the brands owned by Al-Jerri Investment Company.

Strategic Objectives:

Spread through a distinct geographical distribution of petrol stations.

Digital and technical transformation in the operation and management of petrol stations

Apply total quality policies, occupational safety in all company facilities.

Developmental plans

Solar energy

Using solar energy to generate some of the station's energy needs instead of traditional methods.

Electric charging

Providing electric car charging platforms to serve all areas in the kingdom.


Providing a free WIFI internet network in various areas and stations.

Electronic payment

Providing the possibility of electronic payment in all its places.